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Puig Vela Clasica Barcelona 2013

Winners! :)

Our first race, our first win!
It was a real pleasure sailing in front of the skyline of Barcelona. The Puig regatta is already a key event on the calendar and quite a spectacle: more than 700 sailors of 49 boats from nine countries, the village, the great feast of the awards ceremony ...No doubt one of the most fun races on the calendar!

On the left you have the whole crew in pictures. Want to see some news about us in the media? 

Official Web Puig Vela Classica (Eng)
TVE - Teledeporte
AS - Mas deporte
La Mar Salada 
Diario Siglo XXI 
Diario Información 

Our sincere gratitude to Martin Hesbert and Silvia Omedes for its superb pictures.

Look at our Facebook, you have more pictures taken during the race.