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Copa del Rey - Panerai Mahon 2013

Seconds!  :)

August 28 to 31, Mahon.

The Gregal, a strong wind from the Northeast who frequently visits the island of Menorca, shared the spotlight with 51 sailboats from 12 countries offering a spectacular image in the historic natural harbor of Mahon. This year came to the event the last four existing units of FI15 International Class. Let's take a look!

The first two days had winds between 18 and 20 knots. The third day wind were over 30 knots with waves up to two meters ... Under these conditions only were two of the three races planned but, precisely due to the difficult weather, every day of sailing was spectacular. Especially the first day, when the finish line was situated inside the harbor. So cool!

We raced against crews trained for months. As each appointment Panerai, we have to fight for victory until the last moment. With a second and a fourth, we add 6 points and reached the second position. Not bad!

We left Mahon feeling so happy. We have enjoyed sailing, we went for the victory and we got a great second place. And we shall not forget to congratulate the winner boat Alba, owned by Damián Ribas. Well done my friend! Next year, the Regatta Experience Team will fight again for the win ;)

Here are the photos of our crew. On Facebook there are many more pictures taken during the race.

We also invite you to read some of the news that talk about us (in Spanish), for example in the Diario Información or Juanpa Cadario's Blog. You may also view the race overall.

We said goodbye to this edition of the Copa del Rey - Panerai thanking Silvia Omedes, Clara Isamat and Jose Vizcaino for the fabulous collection of images that they have given us.