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Copa del Rey - Panerai Mahón 2014

Let's win the seventh!

Our sailboat has already won six Copa del Rey - Panerai and she want to return to the top of the podium. There are only the last places on board, Would you come with us?

The date is Wednesday, August 27 at the Club Maritimo de Mahon, usually in the dock 'D'. Here we present the boat, we talk about important questions on board and then we will start training. On our return we comment the day, prepare the beginning of the competition and regain forces with a good snack in the spectacular rooftop Village with all wooden masts in sight.

On Thursday 28 start three days of racing, until Saturday 30. Normallly, there are two racing days in front of the mouth of the harbour and a third one in a coastal race to the North (reaching Isla Colom) or to the South (Isla del Aire)

When the race committee places the finishing line between King Island and the city, we find the pleasure of sailing at full speed by the natural port of Mahon.The highlight of the year!

Here you have photos of this spectacular event and the Notice of Race.