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Our sailboat is a classic sloop 17.85m length (58 feet), 3.80m beam, 2.80m draft, 22 tons of displacement and a mast of 22,5m, equipped with Marconi rig sails.

Yanira always offers a great show at the race course.

It is a unique model in the world, designed by Bjarne Aas in 1952 under the international rule '12 meter Racer-Cruiser'. That Norwegian naval architect was famous for his racing hull designs, like the series IOD (International One Design).

27 wins up to 2018

Since she started racing, Yanira has shown that her natural habitat is the competition. Several generations of sailors have been formed in this fast racer-cruiser, great sportsmen and women who have been part of the crew of the Bribón or the legendary Azur de Puig.

Now it's your turn.

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